Basic listings are a one time $25 fee. Featured listings which include additional attributes are available for a $50 one time fee.

Basic listings include your company name, description, address, phone, map and website address. Here’s an example:


Featured listings add company logo, cover image, image gallery, video links, email address, contact form and social networks. Here’s an example:


Promotions position your listing at the top of relevant categories and search results. Several different promotion packages are available ranging from 30 to 360 days in duration. Cost can be as low as $0.33 per day.

Logos on the home page are those of our sponsors. To become a sponsor, please check out our sponsor page.

We recommend a 120px (w) x 120px (h) logo as this size displays best on our system.

We recommend a 1980px (w) x 594px (h) cover image size.

The video section only works with YouTube and Vimeo videos.

You must use the full video URL which appears in the browser address bar when the video is playing.

Shortened video URLs are not supported.


The FDA requires a cannabis product (hemp-derived or otherwise) that is marketed with a claim of therapeutic benefit, or with any other disease claim, to be approved by the FDA for its intended use before it may be introduced into interstate commerce.

Please refer to this statement and FAQ from the FDA for further guidance.

Hempocator reserves the right to edit or remove the categories in which your listing appears to maintain the integrity of our directory. Please only select RELEVANT categories that accurately represent your main line of business.

We do not allow the placement of images in Company Descriptions. If you would like your company logo, cover image, gallery images or videos to appear in your listing, please upgrade to a Featured listing through your User Dashboard.